ERA Constitution

Esquimalt Residents Association Constitution (revised 2010)



The name of the registered, not-for-profit society is the Esquimalt Residents Association.

The Esquimalt Residents Association (ERA) is a grassroots community group committed to informing, engaging, connecting and advocating for the people of Esquimalt in maintaining a strong, vibrant, active, and positive community. ERA exists to enhance and further the quality of life for the residents and business owners living and/or owning a business within the Township of Esquimalt. ERA strives to remain non-partisan and has been created to increase community involvement in issues that directly impact residents of Esquimalt.

The purpose of ERA is to:

  1. Actively promote the wonderful aspects of living and working in Esquimalt and all of its neighbourhoods;
  2. Provide a forum for concerned citizens to come together to discuss issues and create ways to become proactively involved in matters that are important to Esquimalt;
  3. Act as an information vehicle between the community at large and Municipal Council.
  4. In the event of ERA’s dissolution, any assets and remaining funds shall be distributed to an Esquimalt based charity.



1.1 MEMBERSHIP is open to all members of the community of Esquimalt including residents and/or business operators within the municipal boundaries of the Township of Esquimalt.

1.2 All MEMBERS shall abide by the constitution, bylaws, standing rules, policies, and rulings of ERA.

1.3 MEMBERS found to be in violation of the constitution, bylaws, standing rules, policies, and rulings of ERA shall not be considered to be in good standing.



2.1 The BOARD OF DIRECTORS shall serve as the Executive of ERA and should consist of at least 5 directors elected by majority vote at the ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING (AGM) of ERA.

2.2 The ERA Board of Directors shall serve as an executive of CO-CHAIRS with an equitable, non-hierarchical distribution of responsibilities, including a shared rotation as Chair of Board of Director meetings.

2.3 The ERA DIRECTORS will share specific duties as follows:

  • Ensure that a Chairperson presides at all meetings. This includes the preparation and distribution of an agenda prior to the meeting
  • Ensure that ERA’s correspondence and communications is conducted.
  • Ensure that notices are issued for ERA meetings, including the AGM and Board of Director Meetings.
  • Appoint a TREASURER and ensure that financial records are kept.
  • Appoint a SECRETARY and ensure meeting minutes are maintained.

The positions of Secretary and Treasurer may be split or combined as one SECRETARY-TREASURER.

2.4 Vacancies and/or additions to the Board of Directors that occur after the AGM may be filled by a majority vote by the existing Directors.

2.5 Members of the Board of Directors shall cease to hold office upon written resignation to ERA.

2.6 A member of the Board of Directors can be expelled from office by a majority vote of ERA members at a duly scheduled meeting.

2.7 Free and individual expression is a right of all Board of Directors. However, as ERA strives to remain non-partisan, no Director may speak on behalf of ERA without the consent of the majority of ERA Board of Directors by means of recorded discussions and/or duly passed motions.

2.8 All Board Members will be legally protected and will not be subject to liability for any legal action taken against ERA.


3.1 Funds of ERA shall be kept in an account at a public financial institution (e.g. Bank, Credit Union, Trust Company, etc.).

3.2 ERA may not borrow money.


4.1 The ERA AGM shall be held each fall at a time and place scheduled by a vote of the ERA Board of Directors. Notices of AGMs shall be by email to the ERA membership or by other means deemed appropriate by the ERA Board of Directors.

4.2 The Board of Directors shall meet approximately five times per year.

4.3 All members of ERA are entitled to attend ERA Board of Director meetings, but only Directors may vote at Board meetings.

4.4 All ERA members are entitled to vote at the AGM.


5.1 The Constitution and By-Laws of ERA may be amended by a majority vote at the AGM.

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