Creating Community Spaces – 1st Project: Summer 2014 – 12 Book Boxes

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What is a “Little Free Library” aka “Book Box” aka “Little Lending Library?”

Essentially a small free book exchange; take a book, leave a book. It can be situated outdoors in front of private homes, in public spaces, in front of businesses, inside community spaces. Some are built underneath benches, some in up-cycled newspaper boxes; there are as many beautiful possibilities as there are marvelously creative minds in our community.

 We are dreaming of getting a dozen around Esquimalt by summer’s end. It is hoped that through this effort, enough momentum could be achieved to help them multiply further on their own. We expect to buy some, build some, and seek “hosts/stewards” for them, map them, launch them… We believe book boxes are a great way of creating places for communities to form bonds. Here is a 13-minute video from Victoria that explains the tremendous effects this small act can have on the community: How Victoria’s five little street libraries build community

You can contribute money to the project through ERA – earmarked for the “Book Box” Project. ERA is a registered non-profit. We will also be seeking donations of building materials and storage for these materials in the near future. If you have mad carpentry skills and would like to build some boxes, we are hoping to hear from you! Many thanks for your support.

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